The Spectrum

Claim Your Prime Commercial Wireless Spectrum

Bridge from Wifi to the 5G wireless future!

Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum is a block of 150 MHz of prime commercial wireless spectrum located in the 3.5 GHz (3550 MHz to 3700 MHz) band being licensed by the FCC outside of an exclusive auction scenario for the first time in nearly two decades.  Over half (80 MHz) of this prime spectrum block is being made available to real property owners and others on a community by community basis for use in serving tenants, visitors and others without having to compete and pay for the spectrum at auction.

Low Cost

Low cost, extremely-high-capacity indoor and/or outdoor small cell site 5G technology will be deployed at the Citizens Broadband partner’s property location to allow end users of the service access at the highest wireless speeds possible for watching high definition video, listening to music, transmitting large data files, and placing calls over mobile devices – at no cost to the property owner.  Citizens Broadband partners with property owners and shares all the revenue generated from the Citizens Broadband CBRS network at the property owner’s eligible locations.

Enhance Your Property Value

By deploying service though Citizens Broadband, any real property owner in a community can obtain the rights to use their community’s CBRS license at no cost for the spectrum and end up with a valuable asset that can substantially enhance the property value and provide the ability to generate substantial new long term revenue.

CB License

Citizens Broadband Spectrum can be used throughout the community of license for the provision of next generation wireless broadband services either in conjunction with a wireless operator or independently.